Our company generates (VRI) Viral Recommendations by Influencers for your brand via multiple social media TouchPoints.

We have personal relationships with all celebrities and influencers in our network which allows us to create customizable and organic conversations about the brand. We have found that the most powerful form of engagement is when more than one influencer or thought leader discusses and recommends the same topic, which then creates a collective stream of consciousness about the subject.

TouchPoints Definition

Optimize interactions with existing and potential consumers through our TouchPoints.

TouchPoints are the multiple cascade of areas and moments where a consumer’s consciousness may come into contact or connect with an idea, brand, or product.

Derivation on our total TouchPoints number by influencer are tallied as follows:

Total Twitter followers; Total facebook likes; average number of views generated per month from the influencer’s controlled YouTube channel.  The YouTube monthly average is over the cumulative video activity since the channel's creation date.  The number of views would be incrementally larger if user generated content, re-uploads of the same videos, and adaptation videos were to be credited.