Alfonso Herrera


Profile of Alfonso Herrera

Alfonso is part of the new generation of top notch actors from Mexico. He is fluent in Spanish and English and Alfonso Herrera Rodríguez was born on August 28th, 1983 in Mexico City. Since he was young when he demonstrated to be very good in his studies, he did not aspire to become one of the best actors from Mexico because his wish was to become in airline pilot. It was during that time that he decided to enter an aviation school in San Antonio. However, life had other plans for him.

His participation on a school play was what opened the doors to what was about to become his first movie, “Amar te Duele” (2002). However, during that time the young actor still perceived acting as an extracurricular activity.

After the movie “Amar te Duele”; which was directed by Fernando Sariñana, Pedro Damián, a famous Mexican producer offered Herrera an opportunity to be part of a new juvenile television series from Televisa “Clase 406” where Alfonso or Poncho, like he is known among friends, decides to accept. Nonetheless, his dreams of becoming an airline pilot were still present. On the other hand, because of the rhythm of the film industry and the process of his high school career, Poncho describes that period to be the most stressful time of his life yet the one that provided him the greatest amount of personal satisfaction until that moment. It is not until the same producer, Pedro Damián, offers him the leading role of what was become the juvenile series “Rebelde“ (Rebels) when Alfonso feels that acting is his way of life.
The success of the soap opera and the band that was created from it, RBD, influenced the fact that Poncho Herrera as well as the other members became known worldwide. In fact, the Mexican actor states that he felt as if he was “inside a bubble” along with the other members and that it was not until they started their first world wide tour in Colombia when they understood the magnitude of their circumstances.

On January 2008, Herrera goes back to the cinema with a leading role in a romantic comedy called “Volverte a Ver”. On the other hand, on March of the same year, he integrates a play called “The Pillowman”. Once RBD reaches a tremendous amount of success after selling millions of copies, recording “RBD: La Familia”, and worldwide tours, the band of 4 years decides to break up.
It is after that moment that Alfonso Herrera decides to focus his career in one specific direction: acting.
On September 2008, Herrera takes the leading role with actress Ana Claudia Talancón on the first season of the series “Terminales”. A year later, on 2009 he participates on the series “Tiempo Final”, episode 'El Billete' as well as the known television series “Mujeres Asesinas”.

On 2009, Herrera goes back to soap operas when he takes on the leading role with singer and actress Belinda in “Camaleones” (Chameleons) where he portraits a thief who specializes on stealing expensive art pieces.

The Mexican actor also lends his voice in the Spanish version of the internationally known cartoon character in the movie “Igor”. Additionally, on September of the same year, he premiers the Venezuelan film “Venezzia” in which he also plays the leading role accompanying Ruddy Rodríguez in a romantic yet historically based story. 
On 2010, the actor starts filming “Así es la Suerte” directed by Juan Carlos de Llaca as well as debuts as host in the AXN Film Festival. In addition to this, on that same year, he goes back to the theater with the play “Rain Man” along with actors Plutarco Haza, Paola Núñez as well as others.

Herrera's most recent projects include the television series “El Equipo” (The Team) which is a police based series produced by Pedro Torres where he shares the leading role with Zuria Vega.

He is currently training for the soccer centered series “El Diez” which will soon start to be filmed with director Noé Santillán. At the same time, he just came back from Puebla, Mexico where he was filming a few scenes for the series “Revolución” (Revolution) where he will portrait the revolutionary figure of Aquiles Serdán.

Additionally, Poncho Herrera has participated in various commercials and advertisements for brands such as Bonafont, Peugeot and Pepsi among others.

During his career, because of his hard work and talent the young actor has been recognized and awarded in numerous occasions such as:

International Film Festival in Canada (2010): Best actor (Venezzia).
Premios Juventud (2010): Best Actor «¡Qué actorazo!» (Venezzia). 
Asociación de Periodistas Teatrales ATP «Asociation of Theatrical Journalists» (2011): Revelation theatrical male (Rain Man).

Besides the all the acknouledgements that Herrera has received as an actor, he has been positively recognized for his good looks; which has been demonstrated in various ways. For instance, he was selected for two consecutive years as the most desirable and sexy man from Mexico in the magazine “Quién”, as one of the 25 most handsome males in the magazine “People en Español” (2009), and awarded for two consectuve years in Premios Juventud in the category “Está buenísimo”.