Don Cheto


Profile of Don Cheto

Don Cheto is a Mexican-American entertainer based in Los Angeles whose morning radio show (syndicated in more than 30 markets in the US), television variety show, and musical recordings made him one of the most beloved personalities in the Hispanic media during the late 2000s and and the present.  Don Cheto's most recent hit "Ganga Style" has generated more than 30 million+ youtube video views.

Born Juan Razo on September 21, 1962, in La Sauceda, Michoacán, Mexico, he made his commercial recording debut as a featured guest on Yolanda Pérez's 2004 hit single "Estoy Enamorada," a humorous song on which he plays the role of the singer's angry father. A year earlier, Cheto made his full-length album debut with Hablando por lo Claro (2003). He subsequently signed a recording contract with Fonovisa and released the follow-up albums Piporreando (2004), El Hombre del Vozarrón/El Chancho Frijolero (2005), and El Gran Show de Don Cheto y Sus Amigos (2007). In the meantime, he hosted a morning radio show on regional Mexican station KBUE and a television variety show on Channel 62, both stations based in Los Angeles. After switching from Fonovisa to Platino Records, Cheto released the albums El KTME de Ustedes (2009) and El Amigo del Pueblo (2010). Numerous best-of compilations were released over the years, among them Vamos pa'l Rancho/Muchos Éxitos Más (2007), 15 Chetazos con Don Cheto (2008), and La Crisis (2010), and Ganga Style (2012).