SocialMediaHouse - Agency Division

We are a full service digital marketing group who is on the pulse of the community and deeply understands the habits and power of social media engagement.  Social Media House can develop an entire digital platform and manage its content on an on-going basis.  We become an integral part of the brand’s team and our loyalty and passion are unmatched. 

Through a well-orchestrated digital strategy, your brand will generate serious inquiries and interest from consumers, influencers, and the industry alike.

The following are some of our key services:

  • Digital marketing & development
  • Digital media advertising
  • Build and design social media channels and sharable assets
  • Public relations & blog outreach
  • Analytical data and behavior comprehension
  • Creative art design and campaign copy
  • Communication strategy & alignment across all platforms
  • Brand Ambassador programs
  • Unique and interactive digital promotions and contests
  • Social community engagement
  • Content management and editorial programming
  • Product placement opportunities
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Live streaming events and production
  • Production & development of branded entertainment and exclusive digital content